ZEMITS Hydroluxx Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Infusion System
ZEMITS Hydroluxx Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Infusion System

ZEMITS Hydroluxx Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Infusion System

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  • The #1 Facial Treatment of 2019.
  • Guaranteed instant and incomparable results.
  • Stunning combination of: Gentle exfoliation, pneumatic suction, extraction, and Oxygen Infusion.
  • The advanced Hydro Luxx technology provides captivating, glowing, and healthy results in one simple, simultaneous action.
  • You have the freedom to utilize the hydro-solution of your choice.
  • No binding to any specific facial serum or product, giving you the option to use the perfect solution according to your client’s facial needs.
What products do you use with Zemits HydroLuxx? Zemits Hydroluxx can be used with any kind of water-based solutions, including Saline, Ageless Serums, etc
How does it work? HydroDermabrasion works as a synergy of 3 methods simultaneously: Vacuum suction increases blood circulation and stimulates lymph flow, Peeling Serum provides deep cleansing and rejuvenation, Abrasive surface of the tip provides mechanical peeling of the dry cells of the skin. As a result skin becomes brighter, clean, smooth and refreshed.
How often do you change the tips? Every 3 month
What are the tips for?
  • Dual Forte and Dual Sence Diamond Tip - For Oily/Pigmented/Mature skin

  • Ruffle Peel Tip - for Sensitive/Acne skin

  • Spiral Deep Tip- for Extractions and Infusion

How to sanitize the tips Cleaning of tips must be performed immediately after every treatment. However, it is not necessary to clean the handpiece after each time. 
1. Immediately after each use, remove the tip from the wand, and rinse under hot running water.
Scrub the abrasive surface of the tip with a brush to remove the protein material.
2. The cold disinfection: The tip should then be placed in a disinfectant solution, using either a tray or an ultrasonic unit, making sure it is completely covered and let it soak in the solution for up to 10 minutes at room temperature (68°F/20°C).
3. Place the dry disinfected tips into UV sanitizing cabinet for 15 minutes.
Are the tips disposable? The tips can be used multiple times in case of proper cleansing and disinfection. Replace the tips after 3 months of using.
How often do you need to clean the tubes? At the end of each working day, the entire system should be cleaned. To clean up the system, add 1 fl oz of Cleansing Solution into container jar A, attach one of the tips into the wand, and wearing gloves, place your thumb on the tip to create vacuum suction. Then, turn on the machine and let all the cleansing solution pass through. 
After this add 1 fl oz of the distilled water into jar A and repeat the same protocol.
What solution can be used to clean the system? Alcohol or standard medical disinfectant. 
What are the steps of the treatment? HydroLuxx Facial 
Step 1 - Cleansing
CLEANSE client’s skin thoroughly – you may use a gel or foaming cleanser.
Step 2 - Hydrodermabrasion
Dual Forte Diamond Tip - For Oily/ Pigmented/Mature skin
Ruffle Peel Tip - for Sensitive/ Acne skin 
Add treatment solution to jar A
Place the tip to skin and wait for 2-3 seconds until liquid start circulating inside the tip and vacuum suction is increased to the required high level. Use one long stroke from the start point in the center and move it to the periphery of the face.

BASE - Perform a gentle exfoliation to the entire facial area with 1-3 stroke each line. 
TARGET - On completion of a gentle exfoliation you can return to the areas that need further attention, such as acne scarring, pigmentation marks, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Step 3 - Extraction

Change the working tip to the Spiral Deep Tip.
Keep the tip in constant contact with the skin. 
Use twisting motions all over the treated area. 

Step 4 - Oxygen Hydration

Add the treatment serums to oxygen container
Place the Oxygen Gun in distance of 0.5-1 inch from the skin. 
Press the trigger to spray the required amount of serum onto the treated area. Release the trigger and continue infusion with the oxygen flow. 

Step 5 - Protection
Apply SPF 30 cream.
What serums for each step? Step 1: Cleansing gel. Step 2: Any water-based peeling solution. Step 3: The same waterbased peeling solution. Step 4: Any water-based solution for infusion due to skin problem. Step 5: SPF cream
How often clients should come back? Oily/Problematic/Dull/Mature skin: 1 time in 1-2 weeks, 5 times a session 
Normal skin: 1 time in 2-3 weeks, 5 times a session
Sensitive, dry skin: 1 time in 4 weeks, 5 times a session
What is the difference between Hydro Luxx and other more expensive brands? Hydro Luxx allows using any cosmetics brand.
Tips are not disposable, can last up to 3 months.
There are 4 types of tips, including Dual Hydro- Diamond tip 
The equipment allows performing different protocols and combinations with other treatment methods 
The depth of peeling can be regulated by the abrasiveness of the tip and the power of vacuum suction 
Affordable price 
Additional Option of Oxygen Infusion
What is the difference between Hydro Luxx and other less expensive brands? Higher quality 
2-year warranty 
Free training
30-days restocking fee
What is the client's position during treatment? Semi-reclining position prevents leakage of the liquid and helps esthetician to reach the skin easily
How to increase vacuum suction? Keep the tip in constant contact with the skin without detaching
How to make the treatment less dripping? Keep the tip in constant contact with the skin without detaching
What kind of serums can be used with the oxygen gun? Any water-based treatment solution for infusion due to skin problem (hyaluronic acid, vitamin complex, etc.)
How much to charge for HydroDermabrasion Treatment? $150-300
What treatment can be HydroDermabrasion combined with? RF, Oxygen, Microcurrent, LED Light, Cold Therapy. 

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