Intensive Moisture Cream

Intensive Moisture Cream

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This cream replenishes skin, targeting dryness and visible signs of aging. Innovative Triple Layer Moisture Technology combines high concentrations of emollients, humectants and ceramides to help restore lipids and correct dull, dehydrated skin.


Key Benefits:

  • Triple Moisture Technology combines emollients, humectants, and ceramides that restore lipids.
  • These lipid replenishing ingredients form a barrier to help skin retain moisture, softening and healing severely dehydrated skin (aka oil free emollients).

Free of Gluten, Oil, Fragrance and Parabens, Non-comedogenic

Skin Perfect Esthetician Recommendations: This hydrator is ideal for skin that needs some barrier repairment and lipid repair.  This is perfect for clients going on a super cold or dry air vacation.  Skiing, snowboarding, desert hiking, mountain hiking, etc., client’s skin will become super dry and most likely barrier impaired so use it as moisturizer twice a day.  Also, for those northern clients, this moisturizer is perfect for wintery months.  If a client is trying to heal from a burn, or wound, once the scab forms, this product can help cell repair.