Color Analysis

Did you know that color is the first thing that people notice? 

Learn which colors help you look younger, healthier and more vibrant by identifying and wearing colors that harmonize with your unique skin tone. 

image of a color analysis

Imagine having a closet filled with the best colors that suit your natural complexion and enhance your unique features. Our color analysts will simplify your beauty routine and encourage you to allow the natural beauty of your skin to be the star!


During your color analysis, you will be draped with fabric swatches while our trained color pro evaluates how each color relates to your skin. The right colors will minimize flaws and brighten your complexion and the wrong colors will drain your natural coloring and enhance facial flaws. Next, our makeup artist will give you a makeup lesson using Colore Me Perfect mineral makeup in your unique palette.

Prepare for your color transformation

During your appointment, you will receive a color passport or swatch booklet with your go to colors, a makeup plan and the best options for jewelry, hair and accessories with our color tips and tricks to help you look your best.

image of color analysis 




image of color analysis passports

After discovering your unique color palette, you will receive a passport with the description of your palette's traits, what types of hair color, jewelry, and makeup that should be worn, and examples of the colors in your palette.  Many clients hang this in their closet to help with picking out clothing that will compliment and enhance their skin tone.




image of color analysis swatch booklets

Our Colore Me Perfect Color Palette Swatch Booklets contain the full line up of colors in each palette. After a having a 16-Step Color Analysis, clients have the option of purchasing a swatch booklet to take with them while shopping for clothing, selecting makeup, or just to keep in their closet for outfit selection.