Barrier Repair

Barrier Repair

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Soothes and nourishes skin while helping with the repair process by delivering powerful moisturizers including ceramide-2 and hyaluronic acid.

  • Delivers advanced moisturizers to the skin, including ceramide-2 and hyaluronic acid coupled with rosemary extract and antioxidants
  • Helps with skin repair process
  • Nourishes and calms skin
  • Powerful hydrators squalane and hyaluronic acid soothe and soften the skin

Other Key Ingredients:

  • Ergothioneine protects the skin from oxidative and DNA damage.
  • Ursolic Acid (aka Rosemary Extract) restores the skin’s collagen bundle structures and its elasticity
  • Squalene maintains skin’s moisture barrier and hydration and is also an antioxidant that has anti-aging properties by neutralizing free radical damage.
  • Ceramide-2 is aids in cutaneous barrier regeneration, identical to natural ceramides.

Gluten, Paraben, Oil and Fragrance-free and Non-comedogenic

SP Esthetician Recommendations:

If our client seems to be presenting with an impaired barrier, we will recommend this serum to help get their barrier back in balance. The client feels such a relief when their barrier is returning after using this serum.  We typically see this with clients on medications or chemotherapy where the drug itself impairs the barrier.  Their skin in matter a few days starts to be able to retain moisture.  Typically, when a client has an impaired barrier, the goal is to start them out with a very simple regimen such as cleanser and hydrator; then adding this serum.  Stay away from anything with a low PH level as this will impair the barrier worse.  Signs of an impaired barrier is dryness, itching and irritation.  Sometimes the barrier is depleted by exposure to hot water, soaps, certain chemicals and other environmental factors.