Blemish Control Pads

Blemish Control Pads

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Our moderate acne pads deliver 5% glycolic acid to exfoliate dead surface cells and reduce oil while enabling the 2% salicylic acid to unclog the pores.

Key Benefits: These pads are ideal for treating blemishes, keeping the complexion clear and balancing the oil in combination skin. Recommended use is once or twice a day after cleansing in preparation of deep delivery of treatment products and before moisturizing.

Gluten, Paraben, Oil, Sulfate, Colorant, Fragrance-free, Non-Comedogenic

Skin Perfect Esthetician Recommendations: A client should expect slight tingling when using their Blemish Control Pads due to the glycolic acid and PH level of the pads. This is essential to cut through the excess oil in the skin and unclog the pores. We recommend using these pads after cleansing for a few different reasons. First, it will ensure the oily or acne prone client has gotten their face sufficiently clean or properly cleansed their skin. Often, clients are wearing heavy makeup or not getting into the facial creases or all the way back near their ears and find dirt or makeup hiding in these areas. Second, the skin needs daily exfoliation when it is break out prone or has excess oil production. The alpha and beta hydroxy acid dissolve dead skin and buildup thereby regulating the oil level in the skin. The skin will become more balanced and less red. If the client has had prolonged sun exposure, been in a dry climate, swimming or near saltwater, or overused their retinol, we are recommending discontinuing use all over the skin and just spot treat the existing breakouts until the barrier normalizes.