Hair Regrowth System
Hair Regrowth System
Hair Regrowth System

Hair Regrowth System

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Proprietary hair regrowth system is a non-surgical alternative for clients experiencing hair thinning or baldness. FDA-proven, medical-grade Minoxidil USP, 2% in combination with specially formulated shampoo and conditioner, helps optimize scalp health and reactivate hair follicles to stimulate regrowth of hair.

3-step system contains a 2-month supply:

Step 1: Strengthening Basil Root Shampoo 6.7 fl. oz (200 ml)

Step 2: Rejuvenating Basil Root Conditioner 6.7 fl. oz (200 ml)

Step 3: 2% Minoxidil Topical Solution-Extra Strength - 2 bottles; each 2 fl. oz. (60 ml)

Key Benefits:

2% Minoxidil Topical Solution

  • The only FDA-approved, hair regrowth ingredient.
  • Proven to help reactivate and stimulate hair follicles to re-grow hair.
  • Precision dropper applicator makes it easy to target affected areas.

Strengthening Basil Root Shampoo

Rejuvenating Basil Root Conditioner

  • Antioxidant complex reduces free radical damage to keep the scalp balanced.
  • Helps nourish, strengthen and visibly thicken hair strands.
  • Improves hair density, manageability and shine for beautiful, healthy-looking hair.
  • Mild shampoo gently cleanses and exfoliates, clearing the scalp of dead skin cells without drying.
  • Luxurious conditioner is an intensive, no-pull detangler that helps prevent breakage. Won’t flatten or weigh hair down.

Directions for Use: After using Strengthening Basil Root Shampoo and Rejuvenating Basil Root Conditioner, towel dry hair to remove excess moisture. Then, apply 2% Minoxidil Topical Solution directly to the scalp in the hair loss area twice a day or as directed by your esthetician.

Indications: Use for women who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp (vertex only, as shown). Works for all hair types, chemically treated hair (color, straightened, permed) and all ethnicities. Minoxidil Topical Solution 2% has been shown to regrow hair in women with the degrees of thinning hair shown below.