Nourishing Vita-A Cream

Nourishing Vita-A Cream

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Delivering rich hydration to the delicate skin around eyes, this deeply moisturizing cream helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while state of the art micro-circulation ingredients minimizes dark circles and puffiness.

  • All-trans-retinol visibly diminishes signs of aging, helping to increase firmness and elasticity
  • Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and seals moisture in, plumping visible lines and wrinkles
  • Ceramide and Peptide complex nourishes and tightens skin, reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles
  • Niacinamide smooths skin and helps to brighten discoloration
  • Caffeine USP, Arnica, and Vitamin K help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

Key Ingredients:

  • Arnica plant is known for its healing properties. It can be applied to the skin to heal bruises more quickly, soothe inflammation, treat insect bites and acne.  Arnica is also a great preventative to minimize bruising.
  • Vitamin K is essential in aiding the body’s process of blood clotting, which helps the body heal wounds, bruises, and areas affected by surgery. The basic functions of Vitamin K treat skin conditions such as stretch marks, spider veins, eczema, and psoriasis.  It also strengthens the skin’ natural barrier function, enabling it to grow stronger and to retain hydration for longer, perfect for drier climates.
  • Retinol can increase cell turnover, boost collagen and minimize fine lines, acne and hyperpigmentation.

Gluten, Paraben, Oil and Fragrance-free


SP Esthetician Recommendations:

Apply to under eye once to twice a day working the product to the crow’s feet. If your client experiences peeling or dryness as their skin adjusts to the power packed ingredients, have them use the eye cream every other day then eventually build up to twice a day.