pHyto Repair Serum

pHyto Repair Serum

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This restorative cell therapy combines moisture binding ingredients with therapeutic antioxidants to assist the skin’s daily replenishment, recovery and protective process and promote overall skin health.

Powerful system of ingredients includes:

  • Arabidopsis Extract prompts a specifically designed system of liposome delivery which identifies DNA damage in your skin, and proceeds to assist the body’s natural process in restoration by beginning the cellular repair process, and by transporting powerful and effective enzymes and antioxidants into the skin.
  • Micrococcus Lysate, a DNA repair enzyme, along with antioxidants and caffeine, fights redness in the skin
  • Plankton Extract is a plant-based, nourishing active ingredient that is high in essential fatty acids, which are building blocks for the skin. It supports skin regeneration and provides deep enduring moisture to the skin, both by being a source of moisture themselves and training skin to hold onto its moisture, instead excreting it to the surface.
  • Ergothioneine used for reducing signs associated with ageing, such as crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, also helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Vitamins A, C, E and Caffeine
  • Squalene maintains skin’s moisture barrier and hydration and is also an antioxidant that has anti-aging properties by neutralizing free radical damage.
  • Evodia is an extract from a small berry fruit from an Asian tree and inhibit inflammation and is very soothing and traditional in Chinese medicine.

Gluten, Paraben, Oil and Fragrance-free, Non-comedogenic

SP Esthetician Recommendations:

We recommend this serum for impaired barrier or severely dehydrated or dry skin. Our clients who have severe sun damage in which their skin becomes rigid or leather like will need a serum to help their skin retain moisture and to stimulate a DNA repair process.  Those clients that are constantly in the sun, on the beach, divers, or just frequently active outdoors will truly benefit from this serum.  Often, we will have the clients use it for 3 months to repair barrier damage or increase skin pliability then introduce them to a retinol.  This serum can be used once or twice a day.  It has a silk finish so often clients love the texture.