Vitamin C Antioxidant Pads

Vitamin C Antioxidant Pads

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Multi-tasking pads, pre-soaked with antioxidants tone, refresh, condition, cleanse, remove surface oils and debris, revitalize the look of dull skin, and soothe tired, stressed skin. 

Key Benefits:

  • These antioxidant pads are formulated with Citrus and Green Tea Extracts and a blend of liposomal Vitamins A, C and E.
  • These convenient pads deliver premium antioxidants to tone and refresh skin and gentle cleanse by removing surface oil and debris.
  • These pads are ideal prep for other topical Vitamin C therapies and aids the skin for more effective penetration of other nutrients.

Free of Gluten, Paraben, Fragrance and Oil.  Non-medicated, non-drying.  Non-comedogenic.

Directions for use:  Remove a saturated pad from the jar and wipe the textured pad over the desired area.

Skin Perfect Esthetician Recommendations: These pads are fantastic for clients wanting to travel to a sunny vacation spot and do not want to risk taking their cleanser but instead can take these pads to be their cleanser and added antioxidant protection.  Only a client with low oil levels would do okay with these pads as a cleanser.  If they do apply sunscreen during the day, then we recommend they use Green Tea Foaming Cleanser to remove sunscreen residue, dirt, oil and sweat.